Competency-based Trauma Mental Health Certification

Trauma-competent clinicians are responsible for providing evidence-based PTSD treatment. They must know the limits of their clinical competence and seek clinical supervision or consultation as needed. Trauma-competent clinical mental health practitioners also demonstrate an understanding of foundational trauma knowledge including trauma theory and principles of trauma-informed-care as well as trauma-focused clinical skills.

The American Mental Health Counseling Association provides credentialing certification as a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Specialist in Trauma Counseling and has the following requirements (see link below):

  • Applicants must attest to having completed a minimum of 10 hours of specialist supervision by a licensed mental health professional who has expertise in the area. Supervision required for independent state licensure cannot be counted toward this specialist supervision requirement.
  • Applicants must attest that they have the knowledge of the ethics and standards of practice in the specialist area and will abide by all applicable codes of ethics.


The Institute for Trauma Competency provides the trauma mental health training and supervision to meet the requirements for this credentialing certification as indicated by AMHCA on their website below:

"Successful applicants will be awarded a certificate, and may refer to themselves as a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Specialist or CMHC Specialist (e.g., CMHC Specialist–Trauma)."




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